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Fast access to genuine spare parts for your ACE equipment is critical to uptime and profitability. At the Alfa Laval web shop, OEM quality spares are just a few clicks away.

To find the right part, search using the serial number of your Alfa Laval ACE heat exchanger, or for any other brand of air-cooled heat exchanger, browse the spare parts catalogue.

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We make it easy

It’s never been easier to keep your air-cooled heat exchanger up and running smoothly with genuine OEM parts. From gaskets and plugs to actuators and beyond, a simple serial number-based search will help you find the exact part you need. Or, if your heat exchanger is from another brand, you can search according to product specifications. Either way, you’ll get maximum uptime with minimal effort.


Order parts for an Alfa Laval ACE air cooled heat exchanger

To access the digital spare parts catalogue, enter your equipment’s serial number into the search field.
Select from a list of all available parts.
Then just click to order.

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Order parts for another brand air cooled heat exchanger

Click to access the digital spare parts catalogue.
Search the component library according to your product specifications.
Then just click to order.

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Guaranteed Alfa Laval genuine parts. For guaranteed uptime.

Alfa Laval genuine spare parts ensure peak performance throughout the lifetime of your equipment. They make it possible to maintain reliable operation, boost productivity, and lower your total cost of ownership.

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Keep your ACE running at top capacity

Alfa Laval has extensive service experience with nearly every brand on the market. You can count on us, year-in and year-out, to deliver original equipment, original spare parts, and the expertise needed to keep any and all of your air-cooled heat exchangers in perfect working order. Plus, we can help you save time, money, and CO2 emissions along the way.

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Service and support, when and where you need it.

We can help you audit, troubleshoot, service, or replace any part or component of your air cooled heat exchanger, whether it’s manufactured by Alfa Laval or a competitor. We serve the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. Please let us know how we can help.

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