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The selling of Gunclean Toftejorg tank cleaning new equipment for Marine has been discontinued. Alfa Laval remains committed to its customers and will continue supporting with any service needed of already installed equipment, including the supply of related spare parts.


Efficient, thorough and cost-effective

  • Gunclean Toftejorg tank cleaning solutions represent over 60 years of optimization
  • Helical or criss-cross spray pattern reaches the whole tank faster than other nozzle technologies
  • Single- and dual-nozzle options include the hysteresis clutch to prevent false starts and eliminate leakage risk
  • G-Pass design software optimizes installation by showing all corrugations, stringer platforms and other internal obstructions from all angles
Alfa Laval tank cleaning solutions work quickly and effectively. We’ve optimized nozzle technologies to reduce cleaning time, eliminating cost, hassle and leakage risk. And our G-Pass design software produces a 3D simulation of your tank, optimizing position, quantity, jet length and jet hit angle to prevent product build-up and reduce fluid and energy use.