Online heat exchanger training

Looking to better understand what sets different types of plate heat exchangers apart? Want to learn how you can best choose the optimal heat exchanger to fit a given application or duty? Curious about how heat exchangers work? Using our decades of experience with these technologies, Alfa Laval has developed a series of self-guided online trainings that you can use to answer these questions and more.

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Understanding the different types of heat exchangers


Brazed plate
heat exchangers

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Fusion bonded plate heat exchangers

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Gas-to-liquid plate
heat exchangers

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Micro-learnings on heat exchanger design


Selection of plate heat exchangers

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Specification of plate heat exchangers

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Dig deeper with our heating and cooling webinars

Want to take your understanding of thermal technologies even further? Go beyond the basics and learn all about what is reshaping heating and cooling applications today. Join Alfa Laval’s subject experts for the first ever webinar series devoted to the latest trends – and solutions – shaping our industry. All webinars in the first series are now available to watch anytime on demand.

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Hyödy Alfa Lavalin yli kahdeksan vuosikymmenen tietämyksestä ja kokemuksesta lämmönsiirrosta. Tutustu Alfa Lavalin lämmityksen ja jäähdytyksen hubin tarjoamiin moniin muihin resursseihin, kuten BIM-tiedostoihin, 3D-piirustuksiin ja konsulttityökaluihin.


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