Hydrauliöljyn puhdistus

Alfa Laval oil cleaning equipment effectively removes particles and water. Water and/or solid particles cause many lubrication oil supply system failures, making efficient cleaning vital where oil contamination can lead to costly production stoppages.

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Reducing oil consumption

Alfa Laval oil cleaning systems prolong the service life of the oil, reducing total oil consumption. Many filters can be kept for a longer time, further decreasing operating costs. 

Hydraulic oil

Presses, punching, machines, construction machines, machine tools and rolling-lines and more, all depend on a perfectly working hydraulic system. Hydraulic fluids need to be kept clean in order to achieve this.

Higher productivity and lower operating costs

Water will have a tendency clog cartridge filter and will also affect the different lubrication additives in the oil.Therefore, it is crucial to remove the water content, as well as take away the abrasive particles in the oil volume/system

Alfa Laval delivers separator modules that fit perfectly into your operation. We supply both mobile cleaning units and separators for larger hydraulic systems.

Our separators offer higher productivity, lower operating costs and the capability to meet stringent environmental regulations, all saving you, time and money.

Alfa Lavalin 360°-palveluvalikoima

Alfa Lavalin kattavan huoltopalveluvalikoiman avulla pidät laitteesi parhaassa mahdollisessa toimintakunnossa.

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