Hydrauliöljyn jäähdytys

Alfa Laval offers a complete portfolio of compact oil coolers specially designed to withstand the rigours of the toughest hydraulic systems, power packs, compressors, pressing machines and more. Alfa Laval coolers offer maximum cooling efficiency, especially when you need high cooling capacity.

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Hello quality coolers - Goodbye worry

Made from the highest quality materials, Alfa Laval oil coolers offer the best thermal transfer in the smallest space. They are perfect for reliable oil cooling in all industrial hydraulic and lube oil applications.

Their innovative design provides flexibility for all processes, increases operational performance and system reliability, lenghtening service life.

Add the combination of world-class service, technical support and a complete training program and it is easy to see how Alfa Laval's heat exchangers and oil coolers maintain safe fluid operating temperatures and protect your systems.

Say hello to high performance and goodbye to system failure.


Alfa Lavalin 360°-palveluvalikoima

Alfa Lavalin kattavan huoltopalveluvalikoiman avulla pidät laitteesi parhaassa mahdollisessa toimintakunnossa.

Ota meihin yhteyttä, jos haluat lisätietoja siitä, miten voimme parantaa tuotteidesi suorituskykyä.