Saadakseen kaiken irti energiaintensiivisistä kuparin tuotannon prosesseista liuottamisesta elektrolyyttiseen rikastukseen kuparin tuottajat käyttävät uudelleen saman prosessivirran hukkalämpöä ja parantavat kiintoaineiden ja nesteiden separointia tehokkaammilla ja tilaa säästävillä dekantterilingoilla. Alfa Lavalin taitotieto, laitteet ja palvelut auttavat veden, energian, kemikaalien ja mineraalien talteenotossa ja parantavat näin tuottavuutta.

On the pulse of copper processing

Processing and smelting copper is no easy task. To ensure profitable performance, copper extraction processes require thermal efficiency and heat recovery that is reliable, energy-efficient and environmentally sound. Alfa Laval’s highly corrosion-resistant heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling equipment tap into the vast amounts of waste process heat and recycle for use in the same process stream where heat was spent. This contributes to unparalleled yield and significant energy savings.

Big energy savings through heat transfer

Energy efficiency makes a major contribution to copper processing profitability. By ensuring maximum heat transfer efficiency throughout all processes, copper producers not only save big on energy costs, but also boost productivity.

Introducing Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers to acid leaching processes, for instance, enables the smart reuse of heat from rich acid to pre-heat the lean acid in solvent extraction process streams.

Our gasketed heat exchangers capture the heat from spent electrolyte and use it to preheat strong electrolyte prior to electrowinning. The gaskets are designed with aggressive environments in mind, ensuring leakage-free performance and long service lifetimes.

Optimizing separation efficiency

Whether used for solvent extraction, electrowinning, dewatering, recovery of intermediate products, or separation processes, Alfa Laval decanter and separators are reliable, resilient and equipped to deal with the complex solid-liquid or solid-liquid-liquid separation processes involved in copper production.

Due to highly efficient operation, robust design and the resulting high purity output, Alfa Laval separation solutions are an integral part of nearly all processes in the recovery of mineral raw materials. Which is why copper producers the world over rely on Alfa Laval to help maximize productivity and increase yields.

Alfa Laval turns the heat way up at Zaldivar

Alfa Laval turns the heat way up at ZaldivarAt 3,300 meters above sea level in northern Chile, Barrick Zaldivar overlooks 1,240-hectares of copper open pit, heap-leach mines. 

Learn how Alfa Laval Plate heat exchangers have been contributing to their operations with smooth, stable and efficient heat recovery for many years.