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Pioneering and commercializing new techniques to produce viable bio-based products through fermentation requires reliable, resource-efficient process equipment and knowledge of regulatory requirements. Our portfolio of heat exchangers, separators, membranes, evaporators and fluid handling equipment helps you scale up from lab to full-scale production while maintaining strict hygiene standards and delivering repeatable high-quality products, via sustainable and environment friendly processes.

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Years of experience in the growth, harvesting and purification of bio-based products

  • High capacity processing with high yield and output
  • Safeguard product characteristics with in-batch and batch-to-batch consistency
  • Efficient operations with more uptime, less waste and lower utilities consumption
  • Highest level of hygiene
  • Compliant with relevant standards
With our range of equipment and global network of sales and service representatives, we provide sustainable solutions that meet the highest demands in bio-based product processing. The high capacity, operational efficiency and unique features of our equipment, backed by complete documentation, full engineering and validation support, helps to maintain product integrity, process output and improve your competitiveness.

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