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Haluaisitko tietää enemmän siitä, mitä alallasi tapahtuu? Kuuntele asiantuntijoidemme uusimpia vinkkejä vaikkapa säiliöiden pesemisestä, prosessin optimoinnista tai vaikkapa lingon kapasiteetin kasvattamisesta.

Kaikki webinaarit ovat ilmaisia, ja ne pidetään englanniksi tai paikallisilla kielillä. Kaikki tapahtuu verkossa. Sinun ei tarvitse kuin merkitä aika kalenteriisi. Lähetämme sinulle linkin, kun olet ilmoittautunut. Lue lisää tulevista webinaareista ja ilmoittaudu jo tänään. Nähdään siellä!

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Tulevia Alfa Laval -webinaareja

Pharmaceutical Water Systems - Surfaces

Do you need a better understanding of what is important in pharmaceutical water systems? 90% of the surface area in a typical flow installation is related to installation material, tubes and fittings. A superior quality of the surface is vital to secure optimum hygienic performance and minimize risks. Join our webinar on the 7th of December at 10.30 – 11:30 a.m. CET, where our expert Christian Jørgensen will share his expertise on the importance of the right surface quality in Pharmaceutical Water Systems.

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Marine Talks

Alfa Laval Marine Talks take an in-depth look at the challenges and changes that face your maritime business. In these webinars you'll find up-to-date analysis, knowledge and solutions to keep you on the right course, discussed by our marine experts and some of the brightest names in maritime industry.

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On-demand | Beer Concentration with RevosTM – The Future of Beer Production and Distribution

Watch this webinar to learn about the unique Revos system for concentration of beer and other beverages. The system uses a high-pressure, low-temperature reverse-osmosis process to remove water from the beer while retaining the alcohol, aromas and flavours. This webinar is available on-demand.


On-demand | How to optimize fish processing with decanters

Watch this webinar to learn more about the possibilities to optimize your fish process, including extraction and refining fats, oil and proteins from surplus raw fish material with decanter technology. This webinar is available on-demand.

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On-demand | How to improve your beer quality by improving your dry hopping techniques

Watch our two webinars focused on craft beer breweries. Our experts share insights and answer questions in these interactive webinars. Learn about the newest dry hopping techniques that will lead to an improvement of your beer quality. Part one focuses on ‘Hop creep and hop burn’, and part two focuses on ‘Separation of hops and yield increase’.

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On-demand | Plant-based drinks - Production for a growing market

Watch this webinar and listen to our food decanter expert Arild Lauten present insights on the process needed to produce drinks made on oat, soy or nuts. Learn what the important things to consider are, when setting up a plant-based drinks production. The webinar is available on-demand.

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On-demand | Making separation work in renewable processes

Opi kuinka keskipakoseparaattorit ratkaisevat haastavia erotustehtäviä uusiutuvissa prosesseissa. Tässä 30 minuutin verkkoseminaarissa asiantuntijamme jakavat erityisiä esimerkkejä siitä, miten separointia käytetään uusissa kohteissa uusiutuvissa prosesseissa. Verkkoseminaari on saatavana pyynnöstä englanniksi.

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On-demand | Three webinars on Aquaculture and Fish processing

During Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital, Alfa Laval hosted three webinars on the topics of Aquaculture and Fish processing. Watch all three webinars on-demand, and learn how you can improve your processes through decanter, skimmer and evaporation technology.

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On-demand | Brewery Fermentation Cellar design

This webinar deep dives into a specific area of the brewery cold block - the Fermentation Cellar. With emphasis on a structured and holistic approach, the speakers will present how a fermentation cellar can be designed to be sustainable, efficient, easily expandable and maintenance friendly. Watch this webinar on-demand now.

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